Bizrate Rewards Review in 2021 (Advantages & How Works?)

Bizrate Rewards is a marketing research company owned by an online shopping website called Bizrate. It lets you fill out surveys with personalized answers and opinions in exchange for points that can later be redeemed for gift cards. In other words, it pays members for doing online surveys and sharing their opinions about consumer products, services, and brands. Membership for Bizrate Rewards is completely free and limited to only those who live in the United States.

Bizrate Rewards Review

How does Bizrate Rewards work?

The first step before starting to work on Bizrate Rewards involves you signing up as a member on it. Once you sign up for a member account, you will immediately be asked to take your first survey. This would require you to answer some basic questions about yourself as in who you are, how old, and where you live. This information can offer you the opportunity of completing other surveys that are pertinent to your demographic criteria later.

Bizrate Rewards works with major brands, and their main objective is to gather information about how you behave as a consumer, what you like, and what you don´t. They later offer all this data to these brands so they can get better at marketing. The pay-per-survey offered by the site is low. It can take a considerable amount of time just to reach the minimum $5 payout threshold.

How can you earn from Bizrate Rewards?

You can start earning points after completing your first profiling survey itself. The only way through which you can acquire points is by taking surveys as Bizrate Rewards does not offer any other method to gather points. Surveys are emailed to you, up to two times a week, reflecting the number of points you can win if you decide to take it. Bizrate Rewards has its own points of currency. 1000 points are equal to $1.00. So a survey that pays 50 points, is worth $.05. You can redeem your Bizrate rewards once you accumulate $5.00 (or 5000 points).

Advantages of Bizrate Rewards:

  • You can easily earn from 100 to 5,000 points in one single activity by completing a survey
  • There is no need to log in to your account each time to check your points balance. Bizrate Rewards will send you a balance with every email they send.
  • It takes a maximum of 72 hours to deposit funds into your account.

Disadvantages of Bizrate Rewards:

  • Surveys are the only way to earn money from Bizrate Rewards. This limits the source of earnings.
  • They say that you can redeem your $5 eGift card in over 130 online stores, but in reality, gift cards can only be redeemed on Amazon. This poses a question on the trust of the website.
  • In the absence of a refer-a-friend program, even if you invite a friend to use the site, you will not be rewarded.
  • If your account stands inactive for, over a period of one year, it leads to the deletion of your account.
  • Getting “404 error” screens when trying to redeem rewards is also common.
  • In case of any problem regarding the completion of surveys or redeeming your points, customer support is not there to help you out with it.

Is Bizrate Rewards legit?

As reliable and trustworthy as it may sound, Bizrate Rewards stands more on the scam side than on the legit. Many members and participants have reported the site as being a scam. Although the site might work for those few people who have managed to redeem their 5,000 points for a $5 gift card, most members have had really bad experiences. And not only Bizrate Rewards, the main site- Bizrate also seems to have acquired some complaints and issues regarding a delay in shipping products and the inability to return items.

Another major reason to prove the false credibility of the website is that it charges its customers for magazines that previously are claimed to be ‘free’. This means there is a possibility that you will be paying $100 for magazines that you might or might not have ordered at all. Besides, some users have experienced being charged on their credit cards without even filling out any surveys, just by signing up on the site. So if you’re trying to make real money, looking for a side hustle, Bizrate Rewards is likely not for you.

Online surveys are quite a good option when it comes to making money online because the pay is just too low and there is no passive income potential. Still, people go for it and no doubt there are certain genuine sites to make you earn some amount. But when it comes to Bizrate Rewards, firstly the payout for each survey completed is low and secondly, it is not a very trustworthy site with the majority of its unhappy customers. So it is recommended to go for genuine sites that value your time as well as your efforts and pay you for it.

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