7 Best Domain Name Value Calculator (Domain Appraisal)

Have you domain and want to know what’s value of the domain? No worry! There are many domain appraisal that tells you estimate domain price.

Previously we shared the best website value calculator that helps you to get live website worth details. In this post, We will know which is the best website that tells domain appraisal value. You can also check your traffic website in these domain value calculators and get the approx worth of your web.

If you are going to sell or buy domains then you should appraisal domain value before that. It tells domain valuation on the basis of domain keyword searches, domain length, domain niche, and domain market demand.

Domain name Value & Appraisal

Best Domain Value Calculator

If you are thinking that “what is my domain value?” then you are going to kill this question because I am going to show you the best domain appraisal site that estimates domain value.

#1. Godaddy domain Appraisal

Domain name value and appraisal website tell you how much is your domain worth? It’s very valuable for you to know the worth of the name of the brand and start-ups. It gives you domain appraisals the most accurate estimate available. Its algorithm works on machine learning with real market sales data compiled from very long years of experience.

#2. Estibot

Estibot is a free domain appraisal and domain investment tool online. There are almost 2 million domains valuation & appraising per day. It gives unbiased domain name appraisal & you can directly sell your domains on the estibot marketplace.

#3. Sedo domain appraisal

Sedo domain appraisals is another most popular domain value calculator. They believe every domain is different. You may be either buyers or sellers. Anyone can ask them how much a domain cost?

#4. site price

Site price is a famous tool for calculating website prices in an easy way. Only you have to enter your website address and hit on submit button. That’s it. Site price online tool will automatically calculate your live website value on the basis of domain age, backlink, Alexa, domain authority, etc.

#5. Freevaluator

Freevaluator.com is another free domain appraisal tool online. It also tells how much your domain worth. This domain calculator calculates the value of the domain based on domain keywords popularity, website rankings, statistics, and sales of similar domains.

#6. Domaining domain valuate

domaining.com is another place to get the domain appraisal value. list your domain in the domaining directory and sell them directly on this website. You should join the forum for useful information and tricks related to domain sell.

#7. Epik domain valuator

Epik is a wonderful domain appraisal tool online. If you are wondering know your domain worth then Epik will help you to get fair domain appraisals based on domain names metrics and previous similar domain sales.

These were domain estimators for domain name valuation. If you know of any other domain value calculator then let us know in the comment section.

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