Kontent Machine Review in 2021 (Features, Pros, Cons & Pricing)

Building niche sites have become more popular in recent years. People, especially bloggers have understood the importance of generating quality articles on particular niches. This way not only do they drive more traffic to their website but also rank on Google. For this purpose, they mostly hire freelancers for content writers to get their works done. But what if you could get the work done yourself simply with the help of an online tool.

Kontent Machine is a great tool to create your own unique articles. It could help you generate quality content, spin it and get results much quicker than doing things on your own. Furthermore, you can then use that generated content as part of your link-building strategy to improve your search engine result rankings or publish it on your site. As it works with some of the most popular link-building tools on the market, Kontent Machine is also a very popular choice for backlink strategies.

How does Kontent Machine work?

Content generator software or article creators eliminate the need for creating all of your content from scratch. It is an easy and quick way to generate your own unique content. All you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar to generate articles. The software visits article directories to find articles that are related to the keywords entered. Kontent Machine is an article creator tool that operates in the same manner. It creates articles and adds related pictures, videos, and contextual links to them. Kontent Machine is software. After purchase, you install it on your computer. The software creates unique content by scraping articles that it finds online. That content is then either rewritten into a brand new article. Kontent Machine combines the articles that it creates so that they appear to search engines as unique. Kontent Machine also pulls videos and images into the content that it creates automatically. This makes those articles even more unique.

Features of Kontent Machine:

  • Top tier content- The most important feature of this software is that carefully reviews content for quality. The article has to pass through multiple validation procedures and it automatically corrects the content if required.
  • Designed for Tiered Link Building- The Software knows how to build content for your link pyramid tiers in tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3+.
  • Content template builder- The software makes it easy to export the results that it generates into any format that you want. It helps you to create your own customized content templates.
  • Niche Relevancy- Kontent Machine has a smart and automatic algorithm to detect the niche relevancy in the articles. Its built-in functionality ensures that the content it creates has LSI keywords and is relevant to your needs.
  • Engaging titles and summaries- Kontent Machine makes sure to use the right titles and fill in for you the summaries so you don’t have to think about those too.
  • Relevant videos and images-  The keywords provided by you are not just used in generating proper content, but also to find the best videos and images that match your content. It then inserts them so that they align with your text perfectly.
  • Contextual link- Well-built and placed contextual links are an important feature of this software. Kontent Machine places links in content that’s most relevant to the particular topic.
  • Auto-Blogger-  Kontent Machine can schedule and post articles directly to your blogs.

Pricing of Kontent Machine:

Kontent Machine is available as a one-time lifetime fee or a monthly subscription package. The lifetime package costs $217, whereas the monthly package will cost you $37. It is advisable to go for a lifetime package if you wish to use the software for more than six months. There is no trial option, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so in case you didn’t like the Kontent Machine, you can ask for a refund.

Advantages of Kontent Machine:

  • Easy to use interface and many available options
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Adds relevant images and videos to content
  • It is easy to create campaigns and generated articles with the software
  • Great for link building strategies with lots of settings

Disadvantages of Kontent Machine:

  • No significant updates and changes
  • No trial option
  • Articles generated are not exactly material for your money-making sites
  • The integrated spinning tool doesn’t perform well

Writing your own content besides managing your website can be a tedious task. Similarly, getting it done by writers can be equally tiring especially when you want the articles as per your own requirements. Kontent Machine is an online tool that eases your work and acts as a smart assistant to get things done. It is ideal for any Internet marketing resource that you plan on using your content for.

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