Best Website Worth Calculator Script (Buy & Start)

If you want to start your own website worth calculator then this post is going to be useful for you. Here you will know the tool of website worth calculator as like site price.

A website worth checker is a way to check website worth. You don’t have to hire an online agent to calculate web worth. It’s really challenging task for them to calculate accurately.

Now, It’s time to run a website worth checker website by you. You don’t have to invest so much time in creating a script. Just buy the script from Codecanyon.

Do you know recently we made a list of 7 websites that calculate website worth and as the same, you can check a domain value?

Best Website Worth Calculator Script

Below are two website value calculator scripts that help you to host your own website worth checker tool within 2-3 hours.

Note: I never recommend you to try the website worth calculator script null. If you are going to use a null script then you are going to invest your time in useless things because when they found you, using null then they can harm your website.

#1. Worth My Site Script

Worth my site is one of the amazing website value calculator PHP scripts. It helps you to check the complete information about a website. It is using a unique algorithm to estimate website worth.

This script gives full information of daily/monthly/yearly visitors report, traffic details, global Alexa rank, page rank, domain authority, page authority, WHOIS info, host information, google page rank, and social stats.

Do you know our website site price is also using this script? Yes! We are using the worth my site script.

#2. Website Worth Calculator Script

Website worth calculator is another script from Codecanyon. If you really want to start a website worth checker website then you should also look at this script. It’s really the best tool that calculates website prices.

Not only it calculate website worth but also you can buy & sell websites through this tool. You can check the demo on the top website worth.

If you know any other website that is selling worth script then let us know in the comment section. I will try to include that in this article.

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